I'm GABRIELLE DRINARD, a true West Coaster, equal parts Oregon and California. I love outdoor sports and peanut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon. What I have to offer you is my unique creative thinking, a personable approach and some well-rounded experience. I relish all things design and typography and am known to get really excited about it. "Yay! clapping!" is in my vocabulary. I'm smart, collaborative, and pragmatic about solving visual design problems. My skills include excellent conceptual development, strategizing across print and digital platforms and I'm strongest when bringing together and leading teams.


I have over ten years in design and the web, as well as previous work in illustration, photography, retouching, and pretty much everything I do is informed by my fine art background—so I bring a range of skill and a personal touch to each project. My clients include large brand retail, technology, non-profit, and small businesses. 


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Branding, Digital Design, and a strong marketing background