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Multnomah County Health Department Communications and Marketing
Senior Communications Strategist: Social Media & Digital Marketing Specialist 


Social Media




Campaign Background

In the Spring of 2021 it was my task to lead the  fundraiser for the Planned Parenthood Leadership and Advocacy team I was a longtime volunteer for. We had had some success in the past conducting online raffles and since Covid was still a factor and in-person events were ruled out, we agreed on this format. (Left: logo I created for the fundraiser)

Marketing Works

Since Marketing was my vocation and specialty, I took on all aspects of the campaign, working in collaboration with the Oregon Planned Parenthood Communications Director. Jimmy issued approvals, helped craft some of the language to fit in with Planned Parenthood messaging and brand guidelines and provided the backend technical work. The other volunteers on the team acquired the donated items and organized the raffle basket prizes.

Riding the wave of enthusiasm for the Democratic wins of 2020, with the topic of kick ass women, BIPOC and transgender politicians still hot in the air and an historic, first ever female Vice President, I chose a theme for the raffle, named it "Women Making Herstory," and slated the event for March to coincide with Women's History Month. I created a logo for the campaign and a look and feel using stock images of the selected women in politics.


To create a stand out campaign to bring in as much money as possible to cover the Leadership and Advocacy Team's 2021 expenses and provide budget funds for political actions


Using all social media channels, create a highly visible campaign to cut through the noise in everyone's feed and get noticed. Provide a compelling, feel-good theme that celebrates women, that unites members and volunteers, and rallies enthusiasm for the Planned Parenthood mission. Each post was linked to the raffle landing page hosted on the PPAO website and the marketing plan also included an email blast


Initially two weeks, extended five more days to include the late addition of Dr. Rachel Levine, the first transgender woman appointed as a government official in the US Health Department



Concept, logo design, copywriting, digital design, raffle landing page design, video shoot & editing


The Posts


Evaluating Success

While I was not privy to Planned Parenthood's back end data, Jimmy, PPAO's Communications Director shared with me how much money the campaign was raising at regular intervals because he was excited and astounded. In the end, the campaign brought in $7,000 in donations compared to the typical $3,000 for team fundraisers. I attributed this to the campaign's strong marketing and design system.

Sources of Pride

The thing I was most proud of with this campaign was being able to show my fellow volunteers that marketing actually works! This was because I volunteered with largely Millennial and Gen Z colleagues who harbored a deep mistrust and dislike of marketing. Once they saw how it worked they became elated and immediately we started planning the next fundraiser based on the model I established. They thought it was magic! What they didn't really realize was exactly how much thought, creativity and planning it required on my end. Having a strong graphic system, having a cohesive, timely theme that resonated with the target audience, fun, informative facts about each subject that intrigued and engaged donors and copy about the raffle baskets written to entice rather than just to describe the contents were some of the elements I put a lot of thought into.

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